Fall in the Orchard - Apple Image05Sep, 22

Fall in the Orchard

The orchard is always busy, but fall is exceptionally busy for a new orchard.  We have several large projects underway, and we will post about each of them! A few highlights of upcoming posts: We press almost all our apples into cider.  We hope to have a small volume of bagged apples later this month for purchase.  Check back for availability, as we expect them to sell out quickly. We will have cider later this month.  We have standing orders for cider, so we know we will sell out.  Check back for the most up-to-date availability. Due to our young trees and demand for cid …

Ripe Cider Apple05Sep, 22

Cider – What’s the difference between cider and apple juice?

Cider – What’s the difference between cider and apple juice? In the United States, cider is the pressed juice of apples.  That juice may be filtered or unfiltered.  It may also be pasteurized or unpasteurized.  Almost all states require cider to be pasteurized if it is sold through wholesale channels (grocery stores, co-ops, etc).  Unpasteurized cider is typically available only when the end consumer purchases it directly from the orchardist or farmer.  Cider that is very lightly filtered can still be sold as cider, but cider that has been filtered to remove all the sediment is apple juice.  …