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Local & Family Owned

We are focused on local apples and local cider.
We source our fruit from our own farm and local farmers to bring you sustainable farm-to-table fresh products.

something for everyone


Our family has been pressing and preserving a variety of fruit for decades.
With a family full of educators, we’ve passed these skills on to our growing family.

the perfect blend

Historic & Nostalgic

We want people to experience history and sip the cider of America’s yesteryear. Join us on the journey.

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Recent Updates


August Hours

The new farmstand is open, and we are adding new products almost every day! We have more Michigan Red Haven peaches! Hours Wednesday – …

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the beginnings

Our Story

How did we get here? It all started when we purchased the over 130-year-old basket apple press that was previously used as a demonstration press by the Melton Orchard here in Bloomington, Indiana. That’s right, we bought a press having never pressed apples before.

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Community Partners

Indiana Grown
Grandview PTO
Monroe County United Ministries
Harmony Schools

American Cider Association Members

Stronger Together

Slaughter Orchard & Cidery is a proud member of the American Cider Association.  We believe that the cider community is stronger when we work together.

We have signed the ACA Equity Pledge, as we fully believe that “Cider is for Everyone”.  We are stronger as a community and industry when everyone is included.

The Equity Pledge

We are committed to creating an industry that promotes zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment; creates space for and amplifies voices from underrepresented and marginalized groups; and allows for individual and company growth around equity and justice.

ACA Equity Pledge

The American Cider Association (ACA) believes that cider is for everyone and the Equity Pledge is a positive step in creating a diverse and inclusive cider culture. This pledge is part of our larger initiative work from our Antiracism, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

Discrimination and harassment can come in many forms that include but are not limited to hiring practices, unequal pay, unequal opportunities for career advancement, harassment, bullying, and creation of toxic work environments. Discrimination or harassment can be based on an individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, place of birth, age, military service/veteran status, genetic information, HIV-positive status, disability, or any other protected characteristics.