Wholesale Solutions

Want Indiana’s best hand-pressed Premium Cider or
Want local cider options for crafting into Hard Cider?
Looking for #1 Apples or Cider Apples?

We work with businesses across Indiana and the Midwest to provide the best-quality cider and apples for their customers.  We have a solution for you.

  • Wholesale Jugged Cider
  • Bulk Cider (IBC totes)
  • Wholesale Apples – #1’s
  • Wholesale Apples – Cider grade

Wholesale Sweet Cider

We offer pasteurized cider for our wholesale clients in 1 gallon, half gallon, or pint jugs for resell. We also offer both regular apple cider or cherry flavored apple cider.

Note: Due to legal limitations in Indiana, all cider for resale must be pasteurized. 

Our wholesale cider is carefully heat pasteurized to preserve flavor, consistency, and mouthfeel.  We do not UV treat cider, as that would require us to heavily filter or centrifuge the cider.

The cider we sell in our farm market is unpasteurized cider or raw cider.

Bulk Cider

We offer both blended varieties or single varietal pressings to clients wanting to craft an amazing Hard Cider for their customers. Our pressings come straight from our orchards, which means harvest-driven demand of high-quality, low-volume pressings.

We press our bulk cider into 275 gallon IBC tanks and can tailor the cider to your needs including testing pH levels and custom sulfite additions.  A few single-varietal pressings we’ve done include McIntosh, Stayman Winesap, Turley Winesap, King David, Honey Crisp, Ida Red, and more.

Bulk cider is not pasteurized.

Bulk Fruit

We offer bulk apples in a few options for wholesale clients from bags, to crates, to bins based on apple grade. We have over 35 heirloom and commercial varieties available. Contact us to find what we have available.

  • Bagged apples in 3lb or 5lb bags ready to sell (#1 apples only)
  • Apples by the bushel crate
  • Apples by a half bin (10 bushel) or full bin (18 bushel)

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