Zack McIntosh

Founder - Tech & Quality Assurance
His favorites are:

Cider: Semi-Sweet to Dry
Pommeau: Delicious
Apple: McIntosh (well, obviously) and Zestar

About Zack

Zack leads the technology and quality assurance components of the enterprise. He has a background in data engineering, analytics, and business intelligence. Zack has an off-farm career serving as a Data Engineer for a leading global food and beverage firm (in addition to supporting all aspects of the business).

We map our trees on an individual basis for health and harvest, thanks to Zack. He is developing a custom application to capture the life cycle of our fruit from bud-break to bottled product for quality assurance and orchard management. He maintains all the company data, systems, and websites for the orchard and cidery.

Zack is involved with the following grants and research projects:

  • USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2023 – Ground Harvest Fruit for Hard Cider Production
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2023
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2024
  • USDA NRCS 2024