Tara Slaughter

Founder - Business Development
Her favorites are:

Cider: Sweet and fruity
Pommeau: Sweet versions. Thank you, Michigan
Apple: Ashmead’s Kernel & Ginger Gold

About Tara

Tara serves as the business and financial lead for the orchard and cidery.  She is the financial head of operations and keeps us focused on making great products for our customers.  She oversees all the financial records, budgeting, and compensation for the business.  In addition to her business savvy, she has a keen knack for event planning and design.  Tara leads the team in wholesale ordering, tracking inventory, market layout, and design for both farm markets.

Tara has a background in university finance, education, and event planning.

Tara is involved with the following grants and research projects:

  • USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2023 – Ground Harvest Fruit for Hard Cider Production
  • National Young Farmers Collation Chipotle Grant 2023
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2023
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2024
  • USDA NRCS 2024

Tara has also served on multiple competitive grant review committees.