Dr. Clay Slaughter

Founder - Head Cidermaker
His favorites are:

Cider: Dry and tannic but will drink sweeter cider balanced with more sour/tannin
Pommeau: Yes, please
Apple: Winesap

About Clay

Clay serves as the head orchardist and cidermaker.  In any given day you will find him tending trees, pressing apples, or any of the other tasks necessary to make the cidery run.  He loves to talk about cider, apples, trees, and sustainable food.

Clay has a background in biology, education, and law.  Many years ago, he used his genetic biology degree in commercial agriculture, and he is now using his knowledge and experience for sustainable food production.  Clay leads the team in many agro-education opportunities to teach our communities where their food comes from through school field trips, Master Gardener classes, adult education with extension services, farm to table family education sessions in and out of the orchard, and university guest lecturing.

Clay Slaughter is also an American Cider Association (ACA) Certified Pommelier, ACA Certified Cider Guide, and Certified Cidermaker by the Cider Institute of North America (CINA).

In 2024 Clay was awarded the CINA Peter Mitchel Award for Educational Excellence.

Clay is involved with the following grants and research projects:

  • USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2023 – Ground Harvest Fruit for Hard Cider Production
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2023
  • Pathstone Farmworker Housing Grant 2024
  • USDA NRCS 2024

Clay has also served on multiple competitive grant review committees.